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This is my Fashion page!

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This is a page exploring my thoughts about the latest fashion trends, websites, celebrities, and more!


 Stardoll Scoop

*Latest News on my favorite fashion site: Stardoll (www.stardoll.com) You can make your own doll, buy clothes and meet people! Get started with an account and have fun!! If you need help with your account or you want to request me as a friend…my username is haenc.


This Week’s News:


Doll Diva Topic of the week:


Some good things to buy that are more than 5 sd’s:

-Red Carpet Style shoes inspired by Emporio Annani (to find them search “Red” and “Shoes” and they should be on one of the pages.) but hurry  because they may not be out much longer! 10 sd.


-Red Carpet Style shoes inspired by Versus (located in same place as previous item) 10 sd.

*These shoes are fantastic for a sophisticated outfit or a night out*


-Kohl’s clothing from Abbey Dawn, Mudd, or Candy’s.

the price ranges from 5-12 sd.  They are fantastic for the holidays and can bring out the flirty, punk, or layed-back style in you!


*For more fantastic clothing, go to Starplaza and find the inner you…..And it doesn’t stop there! Use the money and decorate your suite using Minishop!)


The February Hot Buys are here!

Which ones are your favorite?


Comment on this week’s Doll Diva Topic and about my website! Have fun and stay fab-u-lous!!!!!!!


4 Responses to "♥Fashion♥"

I like the purse, heart shirt, and the dresses. and the coat :]

Their not as good as las months hot buys i dont think 😦 The bag and dress i like but why is their an octotpuss on the bracelet??? Weird……..

thank u for the comment, and yes that is quite random. maybe they enjoy octopuses

new hot buys!!! comment on them or any of the other news

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