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If you are not aware, my favorite celebrity is Lady Gaga. Some people think that’s she’s weird. I am not saying she is, or isn’t, but she has mega talent. She takes risks in her performances, videos, and outfits, and that’s why she is set apart from other celebrities. 2009 is the year of Lady Gaga, and I guarentee we will see a lot more from her in 2010.  So, to all you haters….you can think that way, just know that she is unique and actually knows about the industry and what people want. An exciting person that can entertain and make songs that people can’t get out of their head. That is how to define her.

Below, I will dedicate this part to her. A role model for some, and a fashion icon with some talent and gut, for others.


Lady Gagas Best and Most ExcitinLooks:

Bubble Outfit:

Yes, some of you are probably like, what the heck!?!? But, this is personally one of my favorite looks, because yes, it is daring, but it’s a fun, friendly outfit, and her makeup and over-all look is adorable but not too over-bearing.


Black, Chic Look:

This is one of my favorites because it is a more simple look, but still very stylish and her personal style.  She wears big bows, but they work for her.  This is a chic, timeless look that you can always expect from Lady Gaga.


Poker Face Looks:


This was one of her best videos and one of the best music videos in history. It was named the #1 music video on the Top 40 countdown of 2009 on Vh1.  She had many different looks, and her dancing, style, and performance were fantastic. You can never top her look. It is often imitated, but never done right.


Bad Romance Looks:


Along with Poker Face, Bad Romance was another great video by Lady GaGa. It was probably the video with the most outfits. She showed the natural side of her, and a glammed up side of her. Including wearing those high heels, that are, who knows, how many inches tall.  This was a very versatile video and she was beautiful throughout.

Just Dance Looks:

Just Dance was probably one of Lady Gaga’s best known and favorite song. It was her first song and the one that made her a great icon for music.  People still listen to it and play it even if it was a while ago.  The video is her in many flashy outfits showing that even if you mess up or make a mistake….. just dance!


LoveGame Looks:

This video had the perfect amount of Soft and Hard Looks. Her outfits were very stylish and simple, but still Lady Gaga.  This was one of her top songs to date, and she showed it off in this video. Her outfits coordinated very well with the idea for the video and it made it another good video for Lady Gaga.


This is all of them for now, but I have more to post. Wait around and see. Also post if you have any suggestions and what you think about my website or this specific post/page.


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