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Fashion Fever’s Next Top Model! (FFNTM)


Task 4 Elimination!

I was impressed with all of your entries, but i can only pick one winner, and unfortunately this week I have to eliminate 2 people.


Top 2:

Penda3: I loved the overall look of your scenery, and you were the only one that had a signature style point which was the little pink flower that you incorporated into each outfit.  They were also very fashionable and I loved the nae too. This was your best week!

MiSsAdAmLaMbErT: I also loved your idea and theme and you had a great scenery because it was very sophisticated. It could have been perfect if yo added some more accents of gold, and maybe even red.

It was very close but the winner is…………Penda3! You are allowed to use the winner room!

Contestants in the middle:

jessieloliepop: I like the theme of your scenery, bu i think you should have incorporatedthe bandana and gloves into more of the outfits. It was very fun and exciting.

SourGummyBearss: This was your personal best. I liked the elegant touches with flowers you made. Next time try to make them a little more fashion forward. Very good though!

Bottom 3:

Mrs_Radcliffe.: I loved the overall idea of your theme and line. I thought that outfits 2, 3, 4, and 6 went together very nicely, but I dont think the other two were very cohesive with the others.

shooooooosh: I liked your name and the sweetness, but it wasn’t cohesive. I liked the idea, and I thought it was a good scenery, but it wasn’t up to par and didn’t compete as well as everyone else’s.

juliatheweirdo: You are the only one who has had to be reminded that the deadline is soon. You need to be following the blog and club so i am sorry…..I can’t remind you anymore.


The two eliminated are shooooooosh and juliatheweirdo.

Good luck to the top 5! You are getting one step further to becoming Fashion Fever’s Next Top Model!


 Task 4: Runway Diva!

This is probably my favorite challenge and I want you guys to be  really creative and try your best! You guys are the top 7!

What you have to do:

Create a scenery of your dream fashion line! This should be in runway form. You must make 6 looks in your own themed runway show. Also, you must create a name and have it featured in your scenery. Here’s an exciting catch: All of your models have to be different. They can only be yourself, me, or any of the other contestants left in the competition! They all have to be different! And you can use clothes given for the scenery or your own clothes!


Everything you need for this challenge that will be judged:

~A clever name that is fashionable and describes your personal style and runway show.

~6 fashionable looks that are cohesive and how the runway flows. (Don’t just put random looks…make sure they represent a style or theme)

~Make sure that all of your models are different and only yourself, myself, or the other contestants.

Congratulations and good luck!

Deadline is next week. Do your best! Because…………………………………..



Task 3 Elimination:

I was really impressed with the entries so here are the results:

 TOP 4: (and comments)

Mrs_Radcliffe: Your scenery was very fashion-forward and it represented the eagle in a gentle, exciting way.  The pose was very creative.

GirlE_girl92: Your scenery was very creative and so was your poem, but the only thing lacking was the fashionable aspect, so make sure to focus on that next time.

juliatheweirdo: Your scenery was probably the most fun, and cute scenery, but I enjoyed it.

jessieloliepop: This scenery was your best yet. It showed great fashion sense, and your poem was very thoughtful. The pose was very simple though.

This was the closest yet, but the winner is…..

Mrs_Radcliffe! Congrats, your scenery showed true potential and you get to use the winner bedroom. This week also has a special prize…………..you are exempt from elimination next week, so you can not get eliminated. But this does not mean you can’t try. You must try your hardest like usual.

Bottom 2:

MiSsAdAmLaMbErT: You usually do well, but this week your scenery did not live up to your usual sceneries and the other contestants. Your scenery had the fashion aspect, but it was a bit boring. But, I was very impressed with your poem…..very nice.

chinadoll727: I am very disappointed. You did not even complete the task when I reminded you several times. I was excited to see what you would make of the tiger…..one of the more fashionable and inspiring animals ever.


chinadoll727 is eliminated. anyone who does not complete in the task will be eliminated.



Task 4 revealed soon!



Task 3:

Ok, it has been a long week and most people should be finishing up their spring break, so it is time to continue with the competition.

Animal Frenzy!!!!

This week is a shout out to animals!!!! They are cuddly, friendly, and sooo much fun.

You must create a scenery inspired by your chosen animal….(they are basic animals) P.S. You don’t have to have the animal in the scenery if you don’t want to.

I want it to be fashionable too!

You must also create a poem about 4-5 lines long about your animal and fashion relating.

Ideas: What does your animal stand for? How is that related to fashion?

Bekahbop and amysocool13 are both eliminated for not participating….


Animal Assignments:

juliatheweirdo- Rabbit

chinadoll727- Tiger

jessieloliepop- Wolf

GirlE_girl92- Fish

penda3- Lion

Mrs_Radcliffe- Eagle

MiSsAdAmLaMbErT- Giraffe

SourGummyBearss- Zebra

Everything you need for this challenge that will be judged:

-Poem on your animal and fashion

-Your scenery inspired by your animal

(It will be judged on how it relates to fashion and how you represent your animal)

Have fun! You have till April 11th (Sunday)




Unique Looks (Task 2) Elimination:

I was really impressed with most of my contestants, but still had a few i wasn’t impressed with.

Again, some of my contestants didn’t participate…but i am giving those 2 who didn’t participate a second chance. bekabop and amysocool13 will both do this challenge and whoever has a better overall score will move on. That means that all of the other 8 who participated are moving on. I will share the results and who had the best score in each category: paragraph, overall looks, and name.

Best Name:

1. GirlE_girl92

2. juliatheweirdo

3. chinadoll727 & Mrs_Radcliffe (tied)

Best Writing Paragraph:

1. Mrs_Radcliffe

2. jessieloliepop

3. GirlE_girl92

Best Looks:

1. jessieloliepop

2. penda3

3. Mrs_Radcliffe  

The Top overall 3 were penda3, Mrs_Radcliffe., and jessieloliepop.

The Winner of this week that won barely is………jessieloliepop. Congrats. I loved everything and you get to use the Winner Bedroom. 

The bottom 3 were chinadoll727, sourgummybearss, and juliatheweirdo. You guys did well but you need to do better because your competition was ahead of you this week.

Next Week’s Challenge will be revealed in 2 days!   


Second Task:

Unique Looks….

For this task I want you to dedicate a page in your album (or more if you’d like) for this task. You are to take one piece of clothing and create 2 looks for your medoll. For example…..You could use a red top from basics and use it in a girly look…and use in a punk look. Then I want you to create a title for your total looks all together. Something fun and catchy!

Then, next to it put a little paragraph (about 2-3 sentences) explaining your total look.


Things that you need and will be judged:

-The Looks you come up with

-The name you come up with

-Your Paragraph about it.

-And the overall Presentation.


DEADLINE: You have until March 7th, Sunday. Don’t be late and have fun!


First Task:

Colors, Colors, Colors!


Everyone has been assigned a color to create an inspiring scenery based on it. The colors for each person were assigned randomly, so don’t get mad if you don’t like your color.

juliatheweirdo- red
chinadoll727- orange
jessieloliepop- yellow
GirlE_girl92- green
lilpenguinchick- blue
penda3- purple
Mrs_Radcliffe- pink
Rosalie_Twiligh- black
bekahbop- white
amysocool13- grey/silver
MiSsAdAmLaMbErT- brown
SourGummyBearss- gold

IMPORTANT!!!!: Your score is going to be based on 2 things: Your outfit, and your scenery. So make sure you are in the scenery and have a fantastic outfit with your inspired color! 

 Ok, I was really proud of the people who entered (10/12) but I was disappointed that the other 2 didnt even enter. I picked you out of about 17 girls and you let me down……… so you are eliminated:


Here are the results from the first challenge:

Top 2:

jessieloliepop: I thought that you really used yellow to represent what it really means: Happiness and Life. It was simple, yet creative and beautiful. Good Job

MiSsAdAmLaMbErT: Brown is a hard color to make a scenery and image out of, but you were very creative with it. I loved the pose because it was very fashionable. Everything was well done……so you are this week’s winner! You may use the Winner Bedroom and tell about your experience with the challenge.

Bottom 2:

SourGummybearss: Gold is an elegant, yet exciting color and your scenery was a bit sloppy and didn’t represent it very well. Your outfit was the best part of your scenery and was very elegant, but your pose was messy. The thing I liked about it was that you tried to incorporate gold, elegant items to help balance your scenery.

GirlE_girl92: Your color was green…and green is a natural, fresh color and your scenery wasn’t the best it could be. I like your outfit, but the shoes ruined it all. I liked all the plants and stuff but it was kind of boring because you just put a bunch of random items in the scenery.

No one is out because you all tried and did a good job.

So, 10 are moving on to the next round.

Task 2, To Be Announced Tomorrow!



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